Frequently asked questions


What is Loop?

Loop is a family communication device for the home that allows you to seamlessly share video, photos, and video chat.

From what sources can I connect photos and videos?

Loop supports Facebook, Instagram, and Apple Photos. We’ll add additional sources in the future!

How do you set up Loop?

Simply turn on your Loop display and set it up via the free smartphone app in just a few quick, easy steps.

Do I need a smartphone to use Loop?

Loop requires an iOS or Android device to get started. Once Loop is up and running, you can enjoy Loop without a smartphone.

Which mobile devices does Loop work with?

The Loop app will be available on iOS and Android coming soon after.

How do I control my Loop? Does it have a remote? Does my phone act as a remote?

You can add content and adjust Loop’s settings from anywhere using the free app. You can also enjoy Loop by using the Scroll Dial and Channel Knob located directly on the device.

Is an internet connection required?

For the best experience, you should connect Loop to the internet through Wi-Fi. Once Loop is set up, it is possible to use without an internet connection.

What is the Scroll Dial?

Turn the Scroll Dial to sift through photos and videos within a Channel.

What is the Channel Knob?

Turn the Channel Knob to change the current Channel that is displaying.