My phone doesn’t see the Loop.

1. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. You do not need to pair with Loop in any way.

2. Turn on Loop by plugging it in and open the Loop mobile app on your phone. You should be within 10 feet of Loop to ensure you’re within bluetooth range.

I can’t pair my phone with Loop.

Loop does not require traditional Bluetooth pairing with a numeric passcode. Just make sure Bluetooth is enabled and then open the Loop mobile app with your Loop nearby to begin.

I already downloaded the app, created an account and made some channels. How do I set up a new Loop?

Plug in your Loop to turn it on. A prompt will appear asking if you want to setup your Loop.

Alternatively, you can click on Settings > Loops > tap the + button at the top right of the screen and follow the prompts.

How do I set up multiple Loops?

To set up multiple Loops first plug one in and go through the setup process. Once you’re finished, continue to set up each Loop the same way one at a time. Don’t forget to keep track of which Loop is which as well!

My wireless network is private and doesn’t broadcast its SSID.

At the moment Loop does not support private networks. We recommend setting up a password protected guest network for Loop.

My wireless network is open and doesn’t require a password

At the moment Loop does not support open networks. We will be updating the mobile app shortly to address this.

How do I set up my Loop for another family member?

Begin by first setting up Loop on your own wireless network and creating channels. Once you’ve finished setting it up the way you want go to the remote wifi setup to enter your family member’s wifi network information.

This can be found in Settings > Loops > [your Loop name] > Configuration > Wi-Fi Network > Setup for remote family member’s wi-fi

The Loop app looks strange on my iPad.

The Loop iOS app is only made for iPhone. Everything will work correctly but be shown in a lower resolution letter-boxed format.