The easiest way to stay
connected with your family.

Capture moments and share them instantly

With the Loop app, you can send photos and videos to family around the world. Share with one or more Loops with just one tap.

Invite the family to
share with the free app

Everyone that you’ve invited can view what’s been shared, share their own photos and even add comments. It’s the best way to share moments without them getting buried in messaging apps!

Easy to set up, even easier to use

Sets up in under 60 seconds. Just connect it to wi-fi and invite the family.

Easy to use - just turn the knob to scroll through photos.

Adding new photos is as quick as sending a message

Videochat at home has never been simpler

Our video chat works from Loop to Loop or between a Loop and a smartphone. It’s easy for anyone to use and with Loop’s built in battery, you can even move around while on a call.

Keep your photos organized with channels

With channels its easy to sort photos by person, vacation, or however you like! Scroll through photos and change channels by turning the knobs.

Loop helps keep your family connected

Its simple. Its easy. Anyone can use it. Its instant and help you stay connected to the people you love. Keep everyone in the Loop.

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