The private family network and home display that keeps your family connected.

Super easy to use

Easy to setup. Anyone can do it in minutes. Send pictures from your phone with a tap. Pictures automatically rotate through slideshow.

Private family network

Pictures get shared only with people you invite from your family. There are no ads and you own your content.

Fun for the family

People can comment, like and even add emojis inside the app where everyone can see. You can also 'like' a photo directly on the frame!

Stay connected with family can be hard

Most families are spread out across the country and don’t stay in touch as nearly as they should.  Text message chains get messed up because half the family is on Apple and the other half on Android. Mom is posting all over Facebook and the kids are on Instagram and Snapchat. Some family members won't touch social media and others can't even use a smartphone.

Loop is an easy to use photo sharing app and digital frame that brings everyone in the family together in a single place. Anyone can use it, and it only includes the people you care about the most, and keeps everyone in the Loop.

How it Works

Share pictures with a tap

Share special moments or even day to day life. It won't be posted on social media so you can be yourself. Add a short message to make it personal. 

Photos magically beam into your home

Each picture that shows up is special, like a little surpise each day for Mom, Dad and grandparents. At home, Loop lets busy parents put down their phones at the kitchen table and everyone can share a moment together.

Everyone in the family can update Loop

If you are in the line at the coffee shop or want to show off your kids to your friends. All your best family photos are ready there at your fingertips.

Don't take our word for it


"Soooo easy!"

"This frame is ridiculously easy to set up and use, for the whole family! Gave it to my 78 year old mom (who doesn’t have a smart phone) for Christmas, it was set up within minutes and we were all sending pictures and videos to it! The video feature is fantastic as well!"

Monika S.

"We Love It!"

"We love the Loop for ourselves and for our parents. We have our monitor in our living space and it's the best thing to see moments from our day with our daughter show up on it. We doubly love knowing our parents are enjoying moments from our day in their living room, instantaneously as well. "

-Dharma N.

"Wonderful and easy way to receive photos!"

"The Loop makes it easy for my daughter-in-law to send and me to receive photos of my grandchildren. It's fun to see the photos scroll across the screen of the Loop. Because she can send the photos as they are having their adventures, I feel like I'm there with them!"

Trudi G.

"Fantastic way to keep in touch"

"Absolutely fantastic way to keep in touch with family, especially grandkids, who live many miles away. We watch our loop many times every day and very much look forward to new photos."

- Nanie & Papa

"Loving our loop!"

"We have 3 kids, thousands of pictures, but no time to print them. With loop pictures make it into our kitchen in seconds, even when the person in the picture is thousands of miles away. It's great!"

- mamaof3boys11

Keep your family in the Loop