Meet Loop

A personal Wi-Fi display that connects you with friends and family through photos, videos, and video chat.


Send a photo or video from your smartphone to Loop.


Choose the content you want and share it with the people you select.


Sets up in seconds, turn the knobs and experience the magic.

Capture moments on the go and share them instantly.

With the free Loop mobile app, you can send photos and videos to friends and family around the world. Share with one or more Loops with just one tap.

Video chatting at home has never been simpler

Our private video chat works from Loop to Loop or between a Loop and a smartphone. It’s easy for anyone to use... just turn the dial and go.

Create private channels for the people and activities you love.

Group everything in the same place or divide things up. Choose a specific audience for each channel or invite everyone to join.

Share photos and videos from your favorite places.

Instantly send moments from the places you love like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Set Loop up in seconds. No, really.

Simply plug in Loop, connect to Wi-Fi and start adding photos. It's that fast.

Your home has never looked so good.

Show Loop off in your living room, kitchen or other gathering place. Plug in for daily use or make it portable for up to 4 hours.

“The 9 coolest gadgets from this year's CES.”

Order today and save up to 33%

$299 / $199

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Buy Loop now