Loop is a new way to stay connected with your family.

Loop is a new way for families to stay connected that is simple, private and fun. It has an app where families can share pictures, videos and message. It also includes a home display streams content into channels. 

Everything is done in a private, closed system and only includes the people you care about the most.

Incredibly simple to use

Share with one tap on your phone

Share special moments or even day to day life. It won't be posted on social media so you can be yourself. Add a short message to make it personal. 

Magically beams into your home

Shows up instantly, anywhere in the world. The picture will be waiting for you, a special surprise each day. Use the knobs to easily scroll back and forth through photos.

Invite the whole family with the free app

Organize your photos into channels

Comment on your favorite photos

See how it works


 It is a special gift to be able to connect to family and friends abroad in the touch of a few buttons on my Loop app. We regularly share photos of our kids, travels and pics of everyday life. It helps keep people feeling close and included.

Monica J.

Having both my son's grandparents not in the same state as us Loop has become more than a noun and has turned into a verb. "Let's Loop with Grandma and Grandpa today!" Love this product.

Kevin L.

Great to have your pictures ready and easy to share in person, not thumbing around on your phone!  Keep organized by special events and themes, your own personal channels. Makes the memories close in reach.

Tim D.

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